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Ep. 11 | Healing Endometriosis: Hormonal Balance, Faith, and Empowerment with Gabriela Gonzalez

endometriosis faith hormones podcast wellness Mar 20, 2024

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In this episode, we have a special guest, Gabriela Gonzalez, a writer, editor, and litigation attorney, who shares her inspiring journey from being a litigation attorney to being the founder and editor of Modern Witnesses. Let's dive into the conversation and discover the secrets to thriving in motherhood while nurturing overall wellness.

Gabriela's Path to Modern Witnesses: Gabriela shares how her passion for storytelling led her from being a litigation attorney to creating Modern Witnesses. From an early age, Gabriela considered herself a writer, and her undergraduate degree was in journalism. She always had a love for people and enjoyed reading and learning about their stories. Modern Witnesses started as a passion project, reaching out to friends and inspiring individuals whose stories she believed needed to be shared. As the project grew, publicists discovered the site, connecting Gabriela with publishers and authors. The aim of Modern Witnesses is to inspire others and highlight the achievements of women, ultimately making them feel less alone in their journey.

The Power of Stories: In the conversation, Allison explores with Gabriela the impact of stories, particularly those centered around faith. Gabriela shares how stories, unlike arguments, are lived experiences that can't be refuted. Stories have the power to reach others on an emotional level, inspiring and connecting people in ways that logical arguments cannot. Gabriela highlights stories of healing as some of the most powerful ones featured on Modern Witnesses. These stories often defy medical explanations and show the incredible potential for holistic approaches to wellness.

Gabriela's Holistic Healing Journey: Gabriela further reveals her personal journey of healing from endometriosis, a condition marked by estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalances. Despite experiencing excruciating pain since a young age, Gabriela's symptoms were often dismissed as normal. However, she took matters into her own hands and embarked on a holistic healing protocol. Through extensive research, including articles and books by experts in the field, Gabriela discovered the power of nutrition, supplements, and mindset in rebalancing her hormones.

Finding Support and Being Your Own Advocate: Gabriela emphasizes the importance of finding the right healthcare provider who supports a holistic approach to healing. She shares her experience with doctors who were quick to recommend surgery or birth control without addressing the root cause of her condition. Gabriela encourages listeners to trust their intuition, educate themselves, and not settle for unsatisfactory answers from healthcare providers. Being your own advocate and not accepting a diagnosis without seeking alternative options can lead to transformative results.

Mindset and Emotions in Healing: Mindset and emotions play a significant role in the healing process. Gabriela shares how her journey of healing involved addressing trauma and emotional obstacles that had impacted her well-being. They discuss the power of the mind and the impact it can have on recovery rates and overall health. Gabriela encourages listeners to have grace for themselves throughout the healing journey and to recognize that change takes time.

Gabriela's journey from a litigation attorney to founding Modern Witnesses and transforming her own health through holistic approaches is a testament to the power of stories and the potential for transformation. Her experience highlights the importance of being our own advocates, finding the right support, and prioritizing our overall well-being. As we embrace a holistic approach to health, we empower ourselves to create a vibrant, nourishing life.

In this episode of the What the Gut Podcast, Allison and Gabriela have shared invaluable insights and inspiration for those on a journey to holistic wellness. By incorporating practical solutions for navigating the demands of daily life and focusing on gut health, we can create our own path to holistic health, one episode at a time. Remember, every story matters, and together we can embrace a vibrant, balanced life while saying goodbye to being overwhelmed and exhausted.

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