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Ep. 18 | Taking Charge of your Health as a Mom with Becca Hill, NP, Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness Coach

birth fitness mindset motherhood podcast postpartum wellness May 15, 2024

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As busy moms, it can be challenging to put our needs first or even carve out time for self-care. We readily pour tons of energy into caring for our children, often neglecting our own health and wellbeing. In the midst of juggling numerous tasks aimed at maintaining a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, understanding a holistic approach to health and vitality becomes not just necessary but crucial. 


In this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with Becca Hill, Nurse Practitioner, Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Coach about her dedication to helping moms navigate postpartum wellness and fitness.  


Raised with a love for fitness, Becca recognized the void in health advice for pregnant and postpartum women after her first pregnancy. When advised by her doctor to stop CrossFit, she realized she had to independently figure out a safe approach to exercise during pregnancy. The feeling of being overwhelmed and lost despite her medical and fitness background birthed a realization; if she felt this way, so did many other women. Becca's passion for wellness and exercise thus transitioned into an empathy-driven mission towards supporting women in their postpartum journey. Becca helps busy moms rediscover their strength, build fitness habits, and take care of their bodies even among the chaos of motherhood.


The Value of Exercise in Motherhood

Why is exercise so critical for busy moms? According to Becca, it's multifaceted. On the physiological level, our bodies undergo significant changes during pregnancy and childbirth, emphasizing the need for intentional care and healing. Strength training, for instance, boosts metabolism, aids postpartum healing, and serves as a powerful reminder that we are strong and worthy of care.


Reshape Your Wellness Journey with a 3-Step Approach

As a wellness guide, Becca has developed a plan built around a deep understanding of postpartum realities. Whether you're brand new to motherhood or juggling multiple kids, Becca tailors her approach to meet you just where you are. 


  1. Reconnect: After childbirth, the first thing women need to do is reconnect with their bodies through the intentional engagement of breath and deep core muscles. 
  2. Rebuild: As women regain confidence in their core muscles and deep breathing, Becca introduces rebuilding – focusing on strength work for postpartum recovery. 
  3. Reengage: Finally, once women have laid a solid foundation, they graduate to re-engagement, resuming high-intensity workouts or favorite classes. 


Your Health Deserves a Scheduled Slot

One of Becca's top tips for busy moms is to plan and schedule. Find a workout routine that suits your lifestyle, then pen it into your calendar. Lower your expectations, be flexible, and keep showing up. The goal isn't perfection, but rather consistency. 


Overall, juggling motherhood and personal wellness might be daunting, but with holistic guidance from experts coupled with a commitment to self-care, it's possible to not just survive motherhood but to thrive. Moms deserve to feel strong, energized, and vital, and in doing that, they set an inspirational precedence for future generations. Discovering the joy in nurturing overall wellness is indeed a transformative journey, one episode at a time.

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