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Ep. 13 | Becoming Faithfully Fit in Motherhood with Jess Kohlman, Personal Trainer + Nutritionist

faith fitness motherhood nutrition podcast wellness Apr 10, 2024

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A Breakthrough in Health

Jess opens up about her challenging journey and shares her realization that something needed to change. Although she was passionate about fitness, she focused primarily on her appearance rather than her overall health. This led Jess to follow a philosophy of "eat less and work out more," which ultimately proved detrimental to her well-being. Her nutrition choices were not nourishing, and she found herself lacking energy, experiencing brain fog, and facing numerous health issues.

Seeking Transformation

Unable to conceive and in a state of physical and mental distress, Jess sought help from her doctor. Unfortunately, her doctor's response only reinforced her need for a drastic change. Determined to find a solution, Jess embarked on a journey of self-discovery, studying personal training and nutrition. Little did she know that this decision would completely transform her life.

The Power of Knowledge

Armed with her newfound knowledge, Jess began implementing what she had learned. She shifted her focus to encompass the importance of strength training, debunking the misconception that weights were only for men. Her diet, once dominated by carbs, lacked the necessary balance of protein and fats. Jess's lightbulb moment came when she discovered the significance of diversity in food choices and the role it plays in nurturing a healthy gut.

Triumph Over Struggles

With her training certifications in hand, Jess applied her expertise and experienced remarkable changes in her well-being. She overcame her postpartum depression, improved her energy levels, and restored her gut health. By addressing her overall health from a holistic perspective, Jess finally found a path to thriving in motherhood while nurturing her overall wellness.


Tips for Healthy Transformation

Jess concludes the conversation by providing actionable tips for getting fit in a healthy way while supporting metabolic and hormonal health.

  • Throw away preconceived notions about fitness and nutrition.

  • Embrace the mindset of being open-minded.

  • Incorporate strength training into your fitness routine.

  • Learn about your body as a woman and understand its unique needs.

  • Build your health journey on a foundation of faith, avoiding extremes and striving for perfection.

Jess's journey to holistic wellness serves as an inspiration to all moms seeking a balanced and vibrant life. Taking care of your overall well-being should be a journey rooted in self-compassion, knowledge, and a willingness to embrace change. By implementing the tips shared in this podcast, you can create your own path to holistic health one step at a time.



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