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Ep. 12 | Root to Wellness: Exploring Functional Medicine with Laura Cialone, PharmD

functional medicine gut health h.pylori nutrition podcast wellness Mar 27, 2024

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In this episode of What the Gut, Allison chats with Laura, a Compounding and Functional Medicine Pharmacist at Service Drugs in Ridgeland, Mississippi. 


Addressing the Root Causes: In functional medicine, the focus extends beyond merely managing diseases and conditions. Instead, the goal is to uncover and address the underlying root causes of health issues, allowing for true healing and restoration. Laura emphasizes the importance of understanding that everything in the body is interconnected and seeking balance is key. Through lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and targeted treatments, functional medicine aims to manage inflammation – the common denominator in chronic diseases. 


The Role of Gut Health: One of the critical aspects that Laura and Allison explore is the impact of gut health on overall well-being. The gut acts as the body's second brain, playing a pivotal role in various bodily functions, including digestion, immunity, and mood regulation. Both Laura and Allison share their personal experiences with gut health struggles and the remarkable transformations they experienced as they took steps to heal their digestive systems. 


Identifying Hidden Culprits: Functional medicine recognizes the importance of identifying and addressing hidden culprits that contribute to chronic inflammation and health issues. Laura highlights the prevalence of H. pylori, a bacterial infection that affects 60% of individuals. This infection can lead to maldigestion, low energy levels, and anxiety. By addressing the root cause and implementing dietary changes, individuals can experience significant improvements in their overall well-being. 


Navigating Medications: While medications can play a crucial role in acute situations, long-term reliance on certain drugs may lead to unintended consequences. Laura sheds light on the adverse effects of medications commonly prescribed for conditions such as acid reflux and high cholesterol. She emphasizes the need for education and awareness regarding the potential nutrient depletions and imbalances that may accompany these medications. Functional medicine encourages a balanced approach, utilizing medications when necessary while simultaneously exploring diet and lifestyle modifications. 


The Importance of A Holistic Approach: Functional medicine places a strong emphasis on taking a holistic approach to health. It recognizes the body as an intricately connected system, where each aspect influences the others. By addressing diet, stress levels, toxin exposure, and other lifestyle factors, individuals can decrease inflammation, balance blood sugar, and experience improvements in overall health and wellness. 


Investing in Your Health: Making the decision to invest in your health can be truly life-changing. Whether it's working with a functional medicine practitioner, making dietary changes, or opting for testing to uncover hidden health issues, taking the first step can lead to long-term benefits. Becoming your own advocate and educating yourself about your body's unique needs will empower you to make informed decisions and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. 


The world of functional medicine offers a refreshing perspective on health and wellness. By addressing the root causes of health issues, focusing on gut health, and adopting a holistic approach, individuals can experience significant improvements in their overall well-being. Remember, your health journey is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, with the right guidance and support, you can create your own path towards a vibrant, nourishing life. Embrace the power of functional medicine and embark on this transformative journey towards holistic wellness. 

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